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How to Secure (ReSTFul) Web Services

Introduction Application security is now one of hottest topic in IT departments. We are now fully in the age of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) regardless of how it has been rebranded by the marketing departments. It is the norm to build services and provided them...


Web Services Architecture – When to Use SOAP vs REST

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and REST (Representation State Transfer) are popular with developers working on system integration based projects. Software architects will design the application from various perspectives and also decides, based on various reasons, which approach to take to expose new API to...


Big Data Architecture Best Practices

The marketing department of software vendors have done a good job making Big Data go mainstream, whatever that means. The promise of we can achieve anything if we make use of Big Data; business insight and beating our competitions to submission. Yet, there is no...


4 Reasons Football Teams Should Use Big Data and IoT

This is a case why football teams (or soccer for my transatlantic friends) should make greater use of the Internet of Things and big data. Here are some 5 simple reasons:  1. Player health tracking In 2012, then only 24 years of age, Fabrice Muamba a footballer from...


Big Data is not a product – the idiosyncratic hype

Marketers have been building the hype around “Big Data”. Recruitment agencies have received many positions to fill around “Big Data”.  But who is to blame when you receive a call from a recruiter who believes that “Big Data” is a product? Recruiters "Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis...

A software architect is not a senior developer

There are some IT departments till this day who believes that by hiring a senior developer they can fulfil the role of a software architect. Senior developers have much knowledge about the full software lifecycle and can be trained to be architects but are they are not. A software architect...