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Hadoop vs Java Batch Processing JSR 352

Hadoop has become synonymous to Big Data. Oracle has release the latest standard to Java EE stack: Batch Processing JSR 352. Batch processing has been around for decades and there are many Java framework already available such Spring Batch. This talks provides a perspective about...

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Big Data, Bigger Myths

Working at a company which focuses in finding value in data, I often come across clients asking me about the following: 1.      How “BIG” should my data be in order to considered “Big Data” Not every company has a petabyte worth of data stored, so does size...

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The traveling robot problem

I am currently between contracts and for first time in many years, I am requested to write some complex code from home so I took the liberties to share my result on my blog. A startup based in London sent me this problem: Problem: A robot can be...

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Primefaces Mobile – Weather App Example

As a Java developer, I usually get requests of building mobile apps. I like building Java application; enterprise, web and mobile. The latest projects that I have been involved with make heavy use of JSF and Primefaces in particular. I am quite confortable with JSF...

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