Big Data is not a product – the idiosyncratic hype

Marketers have been building the hype around “Big Data”. Recruitment agencies have received many positions to fill around “Big Data”.  But who is to blame when you receive a call from a recruiter who believes that “Big Data” is a product?


“Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.” – Thomas Grays

A recruiter who does not carry out any sort of research on the role that he’s try to fill is simply an idiot. The fact is that job specs from companies can be very brief and the recruiter job is to source the best candidate for the role. Engineers hate recruiters but they feel that they need to speak to them if they have to land that next big opportunity. I had a call from a recruiter asking to send him one of our developers. He was adamant that “Big Data” was a product. He kept on asking if our developers had experience with the product called “Big Data”. I tried to make him understand that there’s no such product that I know
of. After a while, he became aggressive and I had to end the call. I blame the recruiter for lack of research and its neglect about “Big Data” and its relevant technologies. If he did carry out some research about the topic, I believe that he could have appeared more professional.


IT Departments looking for “Big Data” practitioners have to share some of the blame. They write the job specs to be sent out to a recruitment company. You can’t send a job description for a data analyst and only have Hadoop and “Big Data” in it. You need to provide more information such as: job description and project background and then what sort of person you sought after.  Engineers are not marketers thus they have better understanding of the technologies. We know what we want and who can do the job, therefore why not facilitate the recruiter job by providing more information beforehand?
In conclusion, Big Data is not a product and next someone calls and tells me, I will put the phone down on him. Research your topic before contacting anybody about a job opportunity.

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