Test Automation

What Does It Mean To Be Tester In A DevOps World

I recently caught up with Gema Cullen, Integration Test Specialist from IntegrationWorks, to discuss what does it mean to be a tester in a world of DevOps?

DevOps is designed to enable a culture where development and operations come together to build, test and deploy applications to reduce overall deployment time. As the DevOps movement gathers pace, some may conclude that it makes Quality Assurance obsolete.

Quote from Atlassian

Gemma talks about the issues with the current practices of DevOps which overlook quality assurance. Some teams try to bury QA into themes like continuous development, continuous integration and continuous delivery. You may think that the way to integrate testing in your CI/CD pipeline is through test automation.

Watch the video and hear Gemma talk about manual testing and how to integrate testing in your project correctly. Listen to how to leverage the concept of pair programming and apply it to pair programming/testing. Someone needs to coin a new term for this practice.

Not to give to much away, click play and enjoy the Episode.

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#OffTheChain With Peter Pilgrim

Armel Nene recently caught up with @Peter_Pilgrim to discuss his experience with Java as he has over 20 years in the industry. Peter is a pioneer, a Java champion since the mid-naughties. He has written several books and articles on the subject; including Java EE 7 Developer Handbook and Digital Java EE 7 Web Application Development. He is also a known speaker on the tech circuit.

In this episode, Peter shares his experience of using Java since the late ’90s.

“I had to use Unix to split the Java installer into multiple small files so that they could fit on ten floppy disks.”

Peter is working as a polyglot developer, and he shared his views on the current state of Java EE direction to Jakarta EE and JSF.

Watch and enjoy this episode of #OffTheChain podcast.