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Well it is time for the Google Wave 2 Skype robot. Awhile ago, I mentioned about writing a simple robot for Google Wave which will call a number through Skype, see here. I finally had some time to burn, therefore I decided to write the simple project.

This a very simple application that only checks the wave “blips” and provide users with an option of calling a number by prefixing with “call: “. The idea is very simple and can be applied in other context such as the following:

  • a travel agent can monitor for terms of place or cities and recommend tickets or provide city information retrieve from Wikipedia.
  • Or the robot can translate messages from one language to another (similar to the Google Wave initial demo).
  • you can connect to any system that you want to suffice your requirements.

The project was developed in JAVA and deployed to Google App as that is the only suppoirted domain. This is not a tutorial but you can take a look at the screenshot. Alternatively, if you a Google Wave account, why not add the robot to your wave and take it from a test drive. Feel free to leave any comme nts.

P.S. Google Sandbox seems to block the callto protocol, leave comments to let me know if that’s true on your side.

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