London Startups 2.0

London Startup 2.0

London Start-up 2.0 is a social group promoting the technology industry in London. You do not need to live in the London area to be a member or take part in it. The group was created due to demand in the start-up community. The current formats of meet-ups in the community are very informal and make it very difficult for start-ups to make the right impact.

London Start-ups 2.0 is about creating connections between the right people to take their business or ideas further. This is a place where aspiring and veteran switch ideas and form partnerships. We also understand the difficulties that businesses face in raising finances. For this reason, we have partnered with organisations including VCs to attend the meetings. We have list of important figures that we personally invite to spot new opportunities.

Our meetings will usually last about 4 hours long (+ free WiFi) and will take the following format:

• Opening
o Registration for start-ups presentation
There will be 15 places available. The spaces will be allocated on the first come first serve basis. Start-ups will be given a 5 minutes spot to showcase their products/ services in a very formal way: – please focus on introducing your company, product/ services and business model. Remember that you will be presenting to an audience of well chosen investors in a “Dragon’s Den” style, therefore you have to make sure that you know your ins and outs.
o Networking with community peers
o Food and drinks are provided free charge
• Presentation/ demo
o Each entrepreneurs will showcase their products/ services on a large projector for 5 minutes.
o The events will be filmed and distributed to other investment companies through the internet. Therefore, if you did not get any luck this time around, do not worry as more company will see your presentation.
• End of event
o Snack bar free of charge
o Networking

Government and other agencies providing financial support to small and medium size businesses will also be attending to give advice and support for you to take your ideas to implementation.

This group is about promoting your ideas and business; we ask that for the benefit of all our members, each member should post a brief introduction of themselves on the wall. You can use the forums to exchange ideas with others.

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