Next stop… Google Wave… I have received my invite!!!

I am sure by now, must geeks around the world have heard about Google Wave and its endless capabilities. I am not sure of the last one. Anyway, I have received my invitation from Google about 2 weeks, yippie, but I did not logged in until today mainly because I was too busy on other projects of mine.

When first logged, I have to admit that I was not very much impressed. I thought looked like a better version of Twitter based on the user interface. Nevertheless, I am looking to build a demo Wave application that can be embed into the Google Wave. I want to build something simple but I am not getting any inspiration. By the way, initially this blog entry was going to be a tutorial about how to build a wave app.  This is what I decided to do. I have created a wave or should i say a wavelet, which will be used to brainstorm ideas about what to build.

Ooh, I have an idea. I think that I should make a tutorial which will show to build a Google Wave application that extract phone numbers from “blips” and make it possible to dial them straight¬† using the “callto” protocol. This will allow a participant to dial a number from the wave app to let’s say their Skype phone. This should be simple enough. Now let’s find the time to do it. Hopefully my next entry will be it.

Until then, keep the channel open.

My Google Wave Screenshot

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