10 things to know about me … Confession of a great mind

Like everyone else, I usually get asked, What, Where, When and How, much about myself. In this blog entry, I will use a Question and Answer format (FAQ – Frequently asked questions) to give interested parties more knowledge about myself.

1. Who is Armel Nene?

Well that’s an obvious one. My name is Armel (French name), I was born in the Ivory Coast and raised in France. I am a native French speaker. I moved to London when I was 15 and been residing there since.

2. This is a technology blog, what technology do you use?

I am a passionate of technology in general; from getting the latest hardware to trying the hottest programming language on the market. I started getting into technology from a young age therefore I subsequently using a vast array of technologies.

2.1 In terms of programming language, which language do you use on a daily basis?

I am a JAVA dude. I use the language daily to work on different type of projects; J2ME for mobile applications, J2EE for enterprise and even getting to grasp with JAVAFX. When I sit in front of the PC, it is because I am trying to develop some new prototype applications or finishing some work related projects.

2.2 are you a geek?

Do I look like one? No! I am not a geek and I am not in denial

2.3 ok so do you have any of the following:

PC and Laptop? Yes.

Blackberry or iPhone? Both.

Wii, Xbox or PS3? All.

Do you have a home network? Yes.

Do you like computer films such hackers and pirates of Silicon Valley? Hmmm. I got both films so what is your point? That does not make me a geek.

3. Microsoft or Apple? Bill or Steve?

Microsoft! Mac is for secretaries, the hardware is fashionable but it lacks a large number of software that I use on a daily basis. Also Bill over Steve, you have to watch Pirates of Silicon Valley movie to understand the reason for my choice.

4. What is the last book that you’ve read?

Tsun Tsu – Art of War. This is one of the best book written. I am currently reading “48 Laws of Power” which is similar to the art of war.

5. Are you a risk taker?

Well, I like risk if there is a great reward that comes out of it. I perceive risks as challenges and they are present with the sole purpose of being taken on. The mind needs challenges in order to keep active and learn. Don’t forget, we learn from our mistakes and experiences and than from others. Taking risk shows a degree of confidence in your own abilities, and well planned and undertook challenge will make you a better person.

6. You talk about learning and challenges, what is the most recent challenge that you have undertaken?

I am currently studying an MBA in IT Management. I think this is great challenge as all my life; I have only been involved in pure technology such as Software development. I did not feel a sense of satisfaction as I felt that there is no much left in programming that I cannot do. I ran team and projects in the past and my development skills are reached the expert level. So I wanted to learn something new, I want to understand why managers and companies always act like they do.

6.1 What are you going to do after your MBA, a change of career path?

Well that is a very good question. I love technology and I love developing application. After my MBA, I am planning into moving on the management stuff of IT. I want to build team and or companies to build great software. I want to be able to use my theoretical knowledge to penetrate market or take opportunities of niche markets. A lot of IT guys leave in the dark like the “IT Crowd” and might be happy with they have but I need to feel part of the bigger picture. After all this, I am still an avid software developer and I think I will still be developing for the next 20 years either as part of my work or as a hobby.

7. Do you read other blogs?

Techrunch.com and lifehacker.com, TechCrunch is more about technology start-ups venture in contrast to Lifehacker which is about “pimping” your hardware.

8. Which day is your favourite day of the week?

I am sure that most of the planet population would agree with me that Friday is the best day of the week as it is the start of the weekend.

9. What do you when you bored?

I live by the Thames River so I usually take my family for a day out or I meet friends. If it is raining, then I spend my time on the PC looking for my next challenge.

10. What is the last movie you watched?

Watchmen! I found it over hype and too long but I would watch it again.

10.1 What is that in cinema or you downloaded it?

What kind of question is this? Don’t you that this blog is available all over the Internet? Of course I watched the movies in cinema, do you want my receipt?

Ok now we are done is there anything you want to add?

No. I was getting bored and I got a program to finish so that I can put it for download on the Apple App Store.

You are a geek..

No, I am not. You are a nerd.