Will Oracle really make NetBeans the BEST IDE for Java

Not yet!!! But according to their webcast they want to make NetBeans the best Java IDE. This is a statement not to be taken lightly. Oracle are now investing in three IDEs which are all established in different ways. JDeveloper is Oracle’s IDE of choice, I am currently using it in my current project as I am developing for Oracle WebCenter. Oracle is also a strategic developer and board member of the Eclipse foundation. I do not understand what exactly is a strategic developer but I know that JDeveloper is their strategic IDE. Now, introducing NetBeans, Oracle has inherited NetBeans as part of Sun acquisitions (and a ton of products and services). Until now, Oracle has never made any plug-ins for the NetBeans platform but now they promise to make it the best IDE for Java, how will they make that happen?

I am a NetBeans evangelist and as the rest of the community, it was good news to actually know where it stands in the “Oracle” vision. So Oracle will never drop JDeveloper therefore the real fight is between Eclipse and NetBeans (as it always has been). In the first step of making NetBeans the best IDE, Oracle shold immediately start porting all their Eclipse plug-ins to NetBeans. Eclipse has strength in its alliance which also includes IBM (fierce rival to Oracle). Something has to give and Eclipse will not never close shop because Oracle has left them which is not as worse as lack of investment in the NetBeans community. It would also be a foolish decision to give NetBeans to the Apache Foundation (no disrespect here but it seems that public funds do not grow on trees).

There is something funny about Oracle “choice” statement. Did anybody tried to develop for WebCenter using NetBeans or Eclipse? That’s a nightmare!!! There is no choice given, they literally forced us to use JDeveloper (Do you require any Oracle support?) in our company which is the largest in its field in Europe (I am avoiding to mention the company name but you should get it from my twitter stream).

Eclipse and NetBeans are direct competitors with Eclipse being the de facto IDE for Java, dropping Eclipse support would close doors to millions of developers and dropping NetBeans will disaster for many paying customers (Sun’s partners).  I am not sure what is going to happen in the NetBeans/ Eclipse and JDeveloper saga but something has to give.

Let me know what you think.


IBM to buy SUN – the End for NetBeans and Glassfish?

I am sure that you have seen in the tech news that IBM are looking to buy SUN MicroSystem the owner of JAVA and now MySQL.

Sun has been losing money on its Solaris based servers, probably one of the reason Solaris is now Open Source? Sun started to lose money after the 2000-01 dot com bubble burst. Since the company has been trying to reinvent himself and even tried to look for buyers for more than year. Rumours says that HP turned the offer down. Everyone must be thinking now, why a company which losing money and put himself up for sale at $6B would buy an open source company for $1B (MySQL)?

Anyway, what would this acquisition mean to the JAVA world? IBM has been a major sponsor of SUN rival IDE – Eclipse. Therefore there is a major question as what will happen to NetBeans? Oh, and what about JavaFX, it is still in beta stage as far as I can see and cannot yet compete with Flash or SilverLight, will IBM pull the plug on that?

WOW, I have so much questions but I am not sure how to formulate them all. For example, I am a big fan of NetBeans and Glassfish but IBM develops Eclipse and WebSphere, I can’t help feel insecure about the future of NetBeans & Glassfish to be replaced by IBM own baby.

NetBeans funding will ceased th project will become a full fledge Open Source and hopefully an organisation like Apache or even Google take over it. But what about MySQL, IBM has DB2 which is very powerful so what are they going to do with DB systems?

You know what guys, time will tell us so let’s just wait and see, shall we?